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Information about the session of hypnotherapy

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How many sessions are needed?

Hypnotherapy belongs to the the brief therapies. This does not mean going fast, but going straight to the point, to achieve a specific goal. 

There is no set number of sessions, depending on the problem. Everyone is different, and the same situation can be treated differently depending on the needs of the person.

Art therapy is also used during some sessions, especially for children and adolescents.

How long does the session last?

A hypnosis session usually lasts 1 hour. The therapeutic work begins in the first few minutes of the session, when we start talking, without the person being hypnotized yet.

In general, the session is divided into two parts. During the first part of the session, we get to know each other, and through specific questions, I focus on understanding the problem or the situation and I choose the direction in which we will work together. The second part of the session is dedicated to hypnosis itself and to the search for a better well-being, relaxation or the achievement of the set objective.


one session

With children and teenagers, the first session doesn't include the child, It takes place with both parents or one parent only. I proceed in this way because I notice how much this first session of exchange between adults allows to facilitate and reduce the duration of the follow-up with the child.

The following sessions are usually done without the parents during the first part.

one session

How to prepare a session?

I don't recommend preparing for the first session.

Sometimes, in agreement with the person, I give one or more exercises for the following session, but it depends on the situation.

What are the side effects?

There are no negative side effects to the state of dissociation achieved during hypnosis, except for the occasional fatigue.

The positive side effects of the trance state are those sought after, such as  letting go , being able to step back from the situation experienced,  feeling relaxed, being able to manage the emotions. One leaves the session with a positive vision of the steps to come.

Often, after therapeutic work on a given subject, we realize that other aspects of our life have been positively impacted, through a radiation effect.

The hypnotic state is a natural state that everyone reaches several times a day.

one session
one session

How much does a hypnosis session cost?

Hypnosis sessions generally last 1 hour. The cost is 90 euros for 1 hour.

The first couple therapy session lasts 1h30 and costs 150 euros, the following sessions last 1 hour and cost 100 euros.

The price of the online sessions is 80 euros. These sessions also last 1 hour.

The youth rate (16-25 years) is €80.

Information to know

Practical information

I offer in-office or online sessions for children, teenagers, adults, seniors, couples.

9 a.m.-6 p.m.

The rates

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Youth rate (16-25 years)


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The firm


10 Avenue Alphonse XIII
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The office is accessible to all residents of : Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris 8th, Paris 17th, Paris 15th, Puteaux, Suresnes, Vanves, Boulogne-Billancourt.

You can access the office with different means:

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