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Why hypnotherapy? - Sybille De Klebnikoff

What can hypnotherapy improve?

hypnosis session

Hypnosis is for anyone who wants to make a change in their life, by contacting their unconscious mind: children, teenagers, adults, couples, seniors.

Hypnosis helps to improve the quality of one's life, to overcome limitations, to relieve physical problems, to give meaning to one's life, and to stop letting outside circumstances determine your life for you...

Hypnotherapy does not replace medical care or any allopathic medication prescribed by your doctor.

What are the indications of hypnotherapy?

What problems can be treated by hypnosis (psychological or physical problems, in addition to medical treatment if necessary):

  • Lack of self-confidence, limitations, fears
  • Insomnia, sleep disorders, nightmares
  • Stress/ anxiety/ panic attacks
  • Addictions: cigarettes (stop smoking), alcohol, drugs
  • Weight management
  • General malaise/depression
  • Burn out, depression
  • Psychological sterility
  • Phobias of all kinds
  • Grief
  • Couple therapy
  • Tinnitus/dizziness
  • Reflection on a professional reorientation
  • Behavioral problems / Hyperactivity
  • Managing emotions
  • Individual or parental coaching
  • Support during the treatment of serious illnesses
  • Pain management

Or you thrive to grow and become a better version of yourself tostep out of your comfort zone... or simply to move forward...

I want to cultivate my joie de vivre, to take life less seriously and to learn to let go, to anchor myself in the present moment.

I want to stop thinking too much and start feeling better.

What is Couples Therapy?

couple therapy

For couples, the first session, which lasts 1h30, is a meeting with the couple to begin the therapeutic work. This session with the couple is essential because it aims to lay the foundations of the work, and very often it already allows the relationship to calm down. The following sessions are individual, because each person, because of their life history, needs to work on elements that are specific to them.

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