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Testimonials on Sybille de KLEBNIKOFF, hypnotherapist in Paris 16th

Testimonials about your hypnotherapist

By Michel

I came very close to burnout, and fortunately a friend recommended hypnosis. It allowed me to make some necessary changes in my life to take the pressure off."

By Jacques

I wanted to learn how to manage my stress, because it was disabling. I was having a lot of anxiety attacks. Thanks to hypnosis, I was finally able to reduce this stress and act on what was preventing me from enjoying the good times and relaxing. 

By Josephine

After several years of toxic relationships, I wanted to try hypnosis to get out of this spiral. Sybille helped me to regain my self-confidence and to be more assertive. I feel like I've taken my life back in hand

By Sophie

I have always had a hard time making choices, it is very complicated for me because I would like to be able to do everything. When I end up making a choice, I immediately regret it. I came to Sybille because I couldn't choose between two completely different professional opportunities. In 3 sessions I was completely unblocked, and I feel that I make decisions more serenely.

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